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Vertical Soil Jumping Rammer
Forklift Boom Manufacturers,Sprayer Boom SupplierFields of application :
Compaction of all kinds of Soils, especially suited for Silty and Clayey Soils. This innovative type of Rammer is recommended for compaction of cable, Consolidated Backfill of Trenches, Electric Lines, Telephone Lines, Water lines, Cable TV Lines - to prevent Roads potholing, Utility & Pipeline Trenches, Repair Jobs, Reinstatement, Pavement Jobs, Shoulders Compaction, Pot hole repair of Asphalt Roads & Backfilling between Building plinth Beams to prevent Ground Floor Slab Cracks and settlement.

A fair share of advantages :
Just looking at it ! One can see that, Jamshedji has designed the new vertical type of Soil Rammer specially for the Rough Operation in Building Sites and Roads. For examples, the bellows are high enough to avoid being damaged. The Four-fold Ribbing ensures a long operation life. The entire Tamping Systems is Lubricated with an Oil Mist and encapsulated to make it dust and water proof. The Wear Resistant one column guide and the multiple spring vibratory system can stand upto any continuous operation.

Special Features of this Modern Rammer :

1) Diesel / Petrol / Electric Engine Options.
2) Pull Start / Switch Start.
3) Dry Air Filter.
4) Environmentally Friendly.
5) Easy to maintain.
6) Durable & Strong Compaction Shoes.
7) Automatic Lubrication of all Moving Parts.
8) One - Man Operation.
9) Moves Forward on its own even on slopes due to jumping action.
10) Jumping action (50 - 75 mm) gives impact force comaction

Specifications :
Depth of compaction 30 cm.
Percussion Rate 400/min.
Energy Stroke 6.5 Kg.M.
Coverage 200 m2/Hr
Weight 60 Kg.
Length of Compaction Shoe 370 mm.
Width of Compaction Shoe 275 mm.
Overall Length 820 mm.
Overall width 440 mm.
Overall Height 1050 mm.
Travel Speed 10 m/min

Short Creting Boom

Rammer Wholesale Buyers,Forklift Boom Manufacturers
Placing Boom :

1. Rotation angle verticle turret 180 Deg.
2. Rotation angle Horizontal turret 360 Deg
3. Longitudinal Working Angle of Short Crete Nozzle 180 Deg.
4. Short Crete Nozzle +/_ 45 Deg.
Boom Max. Reach : (as per requirment)  
Note : The above diagram is CAD generated diagram & may vary from the original equipment.
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