Vacuum Dewatering System
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Vacuum Dewatering System
We have a Test Report for quality of Concrete Vacuum Dewatering System
By this system, we remove excess water which is poison for concrete. Due to this, it has following advantages:
Concrete gets early initial strength with reduced shrinkage and reduced permeability. It gives abrasion resistant flooring.
28 days strength is gained in 7 days which results in faster speed of construction.
It is most economic and suitable for heavy duty floors as cement saving is approx. 15%.
It has reduced shuttering time.
With this system you get rapid concreting, giving time and labour economy.

• Double Beam Screed Board Vibrator :

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The most important aspect of the Double Beam is that it is used for leveling and not for dragging concrete. Before using the Double beam, one must use needle vibrator. It is self driven and only to be guided along the form work by two operators, one at each end. Use of Double Beam is the first step in the VDS for proper compaction and surface level. It is used for making surface smooth and level in one uniform platform. It vibrates surface area and removes air bubbles and spores from concrete. It is made of spring steel having spring properties. It is strongly fitted with four stress bolts which are adjustable. If it gets bent, it can be brought back to normal position by adjusting the stress bolts. It has 2 hp vibrating motor to give proper surface vibrations. Vibrations can be adjusted at 7 different levels. These vibrations have an effect up to maximum 12” depth. Its approx. wt. is 100 Kg. We have standard size of 4.2 M. It can also be tailor made.

• Filter Mat :

Filter mat is made of wire mess and imported filter cloth. Filter mat does not allow particles even less than 16 microns to pass through it. It does not allow even the cement fines to pass through it due to which a layer of these fines is formed beneath. Hence this leads to hardness at the top surface. Its standard size is 4 M x 1 M – 2 nos. / 4 M x 2 M – 2 no. The filter mat can also be tailor made.

Vacuum Dewatering System,Vacuum Pumps Exporters

• Top Mat :
Top mat size is 7 m x 5 m fitted with junction box and hose and two handles to spread easily. Even Top Mat is tailor made.

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• Vacuum Pump :
The Vacuum Pump has a 7.5 hp electric motor. Vacuuming creates a pressure up to 1000 Kg per Sq. Ft. at 25 bar pressure. Total coverage of 35 Sq. M per operation can be completed within 15 minutes. The vacuum pump creates pressure between the two mats. It removes excess water from concrete. Water removed is clear water by controlling cement water ratio i.e. 0.5 only.
Power unit : 7.5 HP.Electric motor; Pump capacity : 110 m3/Hr.
Power unit : 5 HP.Electric motor; Pump capacity : 110 m3/Hr.

Power Floater

• Power Floater :
It is fitted with circular disc and used to remove surface undulations. Prior to surface finishing, we use the Power Floater. Power Floater is fitted with disc (0.9 M) powered by 3 hp motor with special quality speed transmission

Power Trowel

• Power Trowel :
It is used for perfect finishing of surface after the Floater is used. It is fitted with 4 no. adjustable blades. Blade set is (0.9 M) is powered by 3 hp motor with special speed transmission. Life of blades is 3000 sq. m. Power Trowel gives mirror finish to concrete.

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